The First Few Years

My agenda for my life ended when Hope Home was born. I wanted to cling to the plans I had made but God interrupted them with His. Isn’t it beautiful when he wrecks our dreams with his own and gently guides us onto the path he has set out for us?

I was intending to move to South America the minute I graduated college – that had been my desire for as long as I could remember. Instead, during my senior year, Jesus overwhelmed my heart with a burden for the girls I’d been mentoring in our local juvenile correctional facility. They were hurting and lonely and so many of them needed a safe place to live.

Doors were opened as God weaved a vision through the hearts of a few people and a transitional home was established. During the past 5 years, I’ve been privileged to live and serve  in this ministry which has captured my heart and has grown me so much.

Life here has been a tremendous journey. It is a constant challenge but it brings joy to my soul. Every day we face pain and trauma and addiction and disappointment alongside our girls. The lies of the enemy run deep and he doesn’t give up easily. But we are fighting a winning battle. We get to comfort the broken-hearted. We look into eyes that are darkened with shame and we see hope. We lift up their faces and speak truth into the dark places of their hearts. We stand by them when they fall and celebrate with them when they overcome obstacles. We try to love them like Jesus loves us. We fail often, but as God extends his grace to us, we extend it to the ones he’s entrusted us with. We pray for lives to be redeemed and we praise him for every victory so far.

I am honored to be here and I am looking forward to sharing some of our stories with you. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “The First Few Years

  1. eeeek.. I love this. now write a book or something. haha… It’s amazing what you do, wish I had all the strength, courage and faith you have, even a little of it would help! love ya!

  2. Hi Chassidy! I love that you started this blog. It’s a great way to tell your story and what you’ve been able to do for these girl’s with God’s help & love. Love you, Charlotte

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